Free One Hour Consultation*
I am glad that you have decided to embark on the incredible journey to find your roots. JS Family Trees is eager to make your research dreams a reality.

I offer a Free One Hour Consultation* to you, under the following guidelines.

Face to Face*
Anyone wishing to meet who is within 50 miles of my location.

By Phone*
Although a meeting in person is much more beneficial, especially with your research documentation in hand, that is not always possible. In that event, nothing beats a phone call!

Please be sure to bring copies of any documentation you have acquired in your quest to find your family's history when meeting face to face.

Please contact me with your questions, for further information or for a list of my fees.

Services Offered by JS Family Trees

Following is a list of my most popular services, if there is something you want that you do not see on this list, please let me know.

Family Tree Research


Family Reunions and Gatherings


Powerpoint Presentation

Research Photography

Research Video

Photograph Restoration

Photos to Disk

Family Tree Research on Disk

Printed Tree

There are many Family Tree research levels amd options available.

Understandably, geography may hinder face to face consultations on a regular basis, however taking into consideratiion the dedication you have to employ JS Family Trees to research your family history, the limits are boundless.

I have arranged and organized JS Family Tree unions and reunions in both the UK and the USA and I can do the same for you.

A professional multimedia presentation and verbal dialogue of the exciting search process and results of your JS Family Tree Research findings.

A photographic memoir of locations and findings recorded along the way while searching on location for your ancestors.

A recorded visual history of any unique locations, sights and findings observed. A wonderful way to preserve and literally see your history for generations to come.

I can restore your old photographs. If you have old, creased, marred or slightly torn photos the majority of them can be repaired and restored to be enjoyed for years to come.

Your old photographs can be preserved for years to come by being recorded on a disk.

A compilation of all findings recorded on disk.

Large size printout of your family tree.
JS Family Trees