You can usually start your family tree from what you already know.

You may even say or think 'but I don't know anything'.....


Well don't worry I've been able to find numerous families and ancestors
from as little as one name and an approximate date.

I have made a helpful list of questions here, read through them and see how you get on.

You do not or may not be able to answer all of the questions, even ONE or TWO answers will be great to get things started. If you only know a few facts, it is usually enough information for me to find a wealth of history to which I will be able to open a whole new world and a whole new family history for you.

So here goes....
Tell me what you know about the person or family you'd like researching - please include all names, dates and places, 
even if it's a guess & please include a ? if you aren't sure:

1. Father
2. Mother
3. Grandfather
4. Grandmother 

Include 'full names' & middle names for each person - where possible, also add
any nicknames, Also/Known/As = AKA - ie James was known as 'Jim' or 'Jimmy'

5. Date of birth
6. Where born
7. Occupation
8. Married - when and where married
9. Towns, villages, city or country they lived 
10. Death date
11. Where died (at home, hospital, battlefield or at sea,? )
12. Where Buried
13. Children, siblings
14. Do you know of any stories, notes or even tiny bits of information about the person, people or family you're interested in, even if it sound silly or strange, any tidbits can be helpful.

Some times 'a passed down tale' from one of your forebears, no matter how small the snippet of info' might be - it could be of great use or relevant to the research some where along the way.

15. Did you meet any of your grandparents or even great grandparents, how old were you and do you remember where and when?

Military Records

16. Army / Navy / RAF /Merchant Navy /..............?
17. Which war WW1 / WW2 / Korea / Vietnam / France / Belgium / Germany/ ............ ?
18. Do you know his/her rank  
19. Have you got his/her Military number, or any reference number
20. Do you know if he/she was in any particular war time conflict
21. Do you know of any injuries

Do You Have Any Family Papers etc...

22. Birth certificate
23. Marriage certificate
24. Death certificate
25. Papers / Notes / Letters
26. Postcards
27. Family Bible
28. Wills
29 House related Papers / Mortgage / Deeds /Businesses owned
30. Maps
31. Other..............?

As I said before - if these questions are 'just too much' to think about, then please just get in touch with me. Contact Me.

Please send me any amount of family history and tell me precisely what you'd like me to do, include as many names, dates, occupations, place of birth, marriage and deaths as possible, also telling me where exactly you have found your family history and information too.
Note that ALL documentation whether it’s in paper form or on the internet is a 'guide’ because there are so many possible anomalies out there.
JS Family Trees