The Beginning

I started over 25 years ago in search of the meaning and origins of my 'Stuehmeyer' surname. I initially asked my father Henry and  asked his sister, my aunt Marie over in America and I've NEVER stopped searching since!

The Internet ~ What's That?

This was before the internet and emails had really been invented, so with pen to paper I was writing  in English of course, to complete strangers all over the place, including numerous archives in Germany - and getting replies too - but in German! My next task was to find someone who could do some translating for me - that is when I found out that there is an old German dialect and language and a newer more modern version!  

First Questions

So starting out with a question or two for my Dad and my Aunt about the Stuehmeyer side of my family, and from giving my Mum two pages of questions about the Thorp side of the family and after hearing from her "I don't know anything", and subsequently from being asked on many occassion "haven't you finished your family tree yet?", the process began.

I Have Learnt Something
I've learnt a great deal about hundreds or should I say thousands of my relations and family all over the world, including sad and happy tales, heroic and amazing stories, having farmers, tilers, pioneers, aristocrats, even celebrities, and family in the Military, American Infantry and US Forces during The Second World War, WWI, Civil War and fighting for Napoleon too.

I Have Found Info On My Ancestors Dating Back Over 900 Years

My surname dates back to the Knights of Germany in 1100 & 1200's and our family records to the 1600's and the timber framed house is still there today, my French roots go back 14 generations to a 1517 marriage in Lyon, and my British ancestors come from all over the UK.

I've researched a GREAT deal & I've learnt even MORE.
JS Family Trees